We develop healthcare solutions that expand access to quality healthcare by disseminating clinical knowledge and distributing its delivery globally.


Our initial solution is a simple, intuitive, clinical assessment tool called MEDSINC, that can be used by everyone, everywhere. MEDSINC is an evidence based platform that facilitates physician-like clinical assessments and automatically generates treatment recommendations. It also gathers important medical and public health data with each assessment, creating a medical knowledge network that can be shared globally.


Clinical Assessment

  • Transforms how physicians perform a clinical assessment onto a simple to use digital mHealth platform.
  • Currently performs 20 integrated clinical assessments.
  • Generates comprehensive patient specific triage, treatment and follow-up instructions for identified clinical conditions.
  • Acquires real-time patient specific demographic, clinical, public health and epidemiologic geo-tagged data with every encounter.



  • DATASINC is a global real-time patient specific clinical and public health data repository, visualization and analytics platform.
  • DATASINC will enable real time epidemiologic data acquisition, clinical/public health outcome analysis, outbreak surveillance, and predictive disease modeling.
  • Facilitation of improved healthcare resource utilization and efficient and effective allocation of healthcare resources.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of health worker performance, accountability and management.