Core Values


Fearless Innovation

We strive for simple, impactful, creative solutions that increase healthcare equality and equity for everyone, everywhere. We focus on the most challenging problems without fear of failure. We’re not afraid to question and disrupt norms. We value ideas. We try things. We work hard. We learn from mistakes. We believe that hard work and imagination will lead to successful outcomes that create opportunities and change lives. 


Opportunity Equality

Opportunity initially exists by chance. Inequity of opportunity leads directly to inequality. Our shared belief is that solutions that lead to true equity of opportunity will ultimately lead to true equality. We share a goal of working towards solutions that increase the health and wellbeing of people to reduce opportunity inequity. 



We believe in simplicity over complexity. We filter out noise and focus on what matters.


Stay Humble & Hungry

We listen first. We actively learn from others and leave our egos at the door. We embrace honesty and transparency in everything we do. We believe in supporting each other and our ideas in order to create an environment where our group’s output truly outweighs the sum of our individual contributions.  We believe that knowledge and information is key and that learning is continuous. We are never done.

Our Actions Match our Words

We will always strive to achieve our mission and deliver on our commitments.


Economic Independence

We believe that in all pursuits, sound economic opportunity leads to success that endures. This economic opportunity promotes economic independence, which leads to improvement in the health and well being of individuals and their communities.


We Empower Our People

We believe the impact a company comes from the people within it. Empowered and respected people have the ability to take ownership and expand our company’s impact. We empower our people because they are our greatest asset.