Digital Design Principles

As endorsers of the global development Digital Design Principles, THINKMD actively integrates these principles into our core tents for digital design—embedded and lived-out through all of our policies, processes and activities.  



We design with our users, not for them. We study, observe, and listen first to our beneficiaries—to understand the needs of our users, and to design an elegant, and scalable solution to meet their most pressing needs.


break down barriers

We design for simplicity, striving to create a user experience that enables anyone to intuitively obtain and record the information they need. To expand access, we develop solutions that function on/offline on any web-enabled device.



We are transforming point-of-care medicine by putting medically validated clinical assessment knowledge into the hands of non-healthcare professionals. Our technology pairs the power of the latest evidenced-based medicine and novel Bayesian and pattern recognition algorithms with the reach of simple to use mobile technology. Our solutions increase healthcare capacity directly in the communities where the need is greatest.



We know that the delivery of health care is complex whether at the individual, community, or population level. We believe decision-making should be informed by validated data and work to deliver the right information to the right people in real-time.


continous learning

We are always ready to question the way things are and willing to push boundaries and disrupt where appropriate. We are never satisfied and are continuously looking for ways to improve our products to provide the maximum benefit to our users. Open and consistent communication with our implementing partners is key to achieving this priority and we accomplish this by establishing strong relationships.