Data Analytics


DATASINC helps you understand what your health data really means

We offer solutions that enable users to address the unique challenges of healthcare delivery and management at the individual, community and population level. Through the collection of comprehensive personal and community health data, DATASINC facilitates population health and program healthcare delivery monitoring and evaluation in real-time—analyzing and communicating the most appropriate and actionable insights to users across the platform.



Track your users

MEDSINC implementation in a region results in the acquisition of real-time, geo-tagged public health data with each assessment which is then visualized and analyzed through DATASINC.




Evaluate your impact

DATASINC provides critical data and analytics to government and non-governmental organizations for healthcare planning locally, regionally and globally.




Follow changing health conditions in real-time

Aggregated and analyzed public health and epidemiology data analyzed and visualized by DATASINC enables outbreak surveillance, population health and predictive disease modeling that provides critical information required for efficient and effective allocation of resources to where they are needed most.




Measure performance

DATASINC can be utilized for monitoring and evaluation of frontline health worker performance and efficiency, providing management support for strengthening health service systems via increased accountability.